Dynamic Portfolio

A DB driven portfolio and blog site

PostgreSQL Django

A database-driven portfolio and blog site that links frameworks, languages, and experiences together

Written with pure Bootstrap for theming and responsiveness

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Natural Query Writer

An interface for writing complex search query in plain English


Making Boolean queries (e.g. sailboat AND (racing OR race) using traditional interfaces is hard.

Natural Query Writer helps to build complex/nested boolean queries in plain English

Additionally, It includes date filters and result type selector

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A cross-session academic digital library

MongoDB Angular EC2

Unique timeline visualization for assessing past search sessions.

Search results and saved documents are organized by tasks.

Dynamic topic highlighting when search results are scrolled.

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UofR Library Clone

A clone of UofR library with all of it's features

Angular Node.js MongoDB

This interface is a replica of the UofR library used in a lab test for assessing Dilex

Students can issue search queries, save documents, and use complex search filters

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